CalPlug 199 Research Teams

Demo and Education Team:

  • Products, factors effecting cognitive perception, effective displays visual effects/formatting, and multimedia formats
  • Energy footprint for digital media and personal computing
  • Home and small business power management systems
  • Green software benchmarking and optimization

1 kilowatt challenge flyer

Energy Management System Team:

Test, demonstrate and develop wired and wireless control systems for managing energy consumption of plug load devices in residential and commercial settings.


Instrumentation Team

Focus on advanced testing and diagnostic instruments for power measurement and analysis of electronics. Energy standards and testing procedures are studied to identify more efficient products and designs.


Set-Top Box Team

Investigate components, design and integration methods for low power set top boxes. This team works with major electronics manufacturers, such as DirecTV and DISH Network to promote energy saving solutions for paid TV programs.


Survey Team

Data collection and analysis of energy consumption patterns.

Data collection and analysis of energy consumption patterns

Web 3.0 Team

  • “Web to Energy” interface
  • Advanced data mining and decision engine programming for energy efficient products.
  • Consumer behavior studies and data aggregation
  • Energy conservation in server rooms and small-business data centers