Energy Efficiency Instrumentation Research Team


To create an advanced research lab to analyze and assess the energy efficiency of plug load appliances and ultimately design and test more efficient and eco-friendly household products.


Data Collection and Analysis:

Compares test procedures and criterions of various energy efficiency standards. Determines the power consumption of household plug load appliances.

Current Tasks and Goals: Testing power consumption of variety of set top boxes- ranging from IP to Satellite to Cable boxes.


LabVIEW Control System:

Creates a LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) that will interface with all lab instruments through automation.

Current Tasks and Goals: Creating a VI for power analyzers, power supplies, and oscilloscopes to ultimately control each individually through LabVIEW.


Embedded Electronics Laboratory:

Fabricates a printed circuit board in house

Current Tasks and Goals: Learning and implementing microcontrollers in various projects such as the STB Intelligent Sleep.