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Beyond Energy Efficiency: How Your Device Usage Patterns Affect Energy Consumption


Please join us on Wednesday, March 17 for the Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) Plug and Process Load (PPL) webinar. Details below:

  • Title: Beyond Energy Efficiency: How Your Device Usage Patterns Affect Energy Consumption

  • Date/Time: March 17, 2021;  1:00pm ET / 11:00am MT

  • Description: How people use plug load devices can strongly affect their energy consumption. Learn what factors are most important for certain types of devices, and how to reduce inefficiencies.

  • Guest Presenter: Dr. Joy Pixley, Research Director, California Plug Load Research Center

CalPlug Workshop: 3C’s – Climate Change, Energy Consumption and Disadvantaged Communities during COVID-19

Presented Online November 16, 2020


9:00 a.m. : G.P. Li, Director of CalPlug

CalPlug: Current Findings 
9:05 a.m.: Joy Pixley, PhD, CalPlug Research Director
“Highlighting Plug Loads in Energy Efficiency Programs for Commercial Customers”

9:25 a.m.: Michael Klopfer, PhD, Calplug Technical Director
“COVID-19 Residential Impacts in LA County: Then & Now”

3 C’s – Climate Change, Energy Consumption and Disadvantaged Communities During COVID-19

9:45 a.m.: Scott Hinson, Chief Technology Officer, Pecan Street
“Residential Energy Consumption During COVID-19”

10:10 a.m.: Steven Davis, UCI Associate Professor of Earth System Science
“Effects of COVID-19 on CO2 Emissions in the US and Globally”

10:35 a.m.: Jem Porcaro, Lead, Integrated Energy Planning and Powering Healthcare, Sustainable Energy for All
“Powering the COVID-19 Response”

11:00 a.m.: Kim Trenbath, Lead, Systems Technology R&D, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
“Advances in Plug Load Control Technology”

11:25: Panel discussion moderated by G.P. Li, with speakers Scott Hinson; Steven Davis; Jem Porcaro; Kim Trenbath; Michael Klopfer and panel guests David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) and Amir Tabakh, Manager of the LADWP La Kretz Labs and Energy Efficiency Solutions Engineering

12:30 p.m.: Session Ends

CalPlug WorkShop & Earth Celebration Day​​

CalPlug Workshop # 15 April 21-22, 2020– Presented Online

The California Plug Load Research Center established biannual workshops since its inception over 7 years ago. One of our objectives is to continue bringing all stakeholders in the energy sector to maximize communication, foster collaboration and exchange information about energy efficiency and savings in research, business, public policy and more. Invited speakers share presentations that highlight new technologies, market trends, standards and services. As a state California has long taken the lead in all things green; as a California public research center; Calplug is taking the lead to continue this legacy. Recent events have placed limitations on our access to interact. However, CalPlug is leveraging today’s technology to have the Center’s first ever virtual workshop.

Speakers included:

Dr. Wendell Brase

Dr. G.P Li

Dr. Michael Klopfer

Dr. Joy Pixley

Katie Gladych

Chris Busch: Research Director (Energy Innovation & Tech LLC)

Alden Donnelly: Co-Founder  Of Carbon Economics (Nori)

Cathy Higgins: Research Director (New Building Institute)

David Jacot: Director of Efficiency Solutions (LADWP)

Michael Mitchell: Earth Day Founder (MCM Group International)

Amir Tabakh: Chief of Efficiency Solutions Engineering (LADWP)