How people use plug load devices can strongly affect their energy consumption. This webinar highlighted what factors […]
CalPlug Workshop #16: April 22nd, 2021–Presented Online Even though many sustainability efforts have been made in […]
On April 10, the California Plug Load Research Center (CalPlug) hosted its 12th workshop at CALIT2. […]
The CalPlug workshop for May 2016 targets how CalPlug plans to take energy efficiency and sustainability to the next level, and explored CalPlug’s roadmap as well as what UCI is doing to remain one of the coolest campuses in the nation
This semiannual workshop coordinates research efforts and maximizes communication about energy efficiency among industry stakeholders. The previous workshops attracted experts from industry, government and academic institutions. Invited guests contributed as speakers to present new technologies, market trends, standards and services. Technical innovations, barriers to implementation and alternative business models are also addressed.
The UCI Sustainability Symposium unites students, alumni, and distinguished members of the UCI community to share insight into the future of sustainability and the opportunities it presents for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations.
The CalPlug workshop for May 2016 targets intelligent energy efficiency.
Plug load waste is identified as standby power from appliances that continue to draw power even when they are turned off, or appliances that aren’t turned off when they’re not in use.
With more devices being connected every day, in both homes and workplaces, how can we further improve energy efficiency with Small Network Equipment to constrain the energy demand?
To celebrate Earth Day 2015, CalPlug is challenging all Anteaters and Friends to Pull the Plug on Vampire Power.